High-quality platforms require high-quality service and support

Following the development and installation of our successful PlateButler® systems, the Service department has the task of keeping these systems in perfect condition. After all, nobody purchases an advanced robotic system for just a few years - it still has to perform perfectly after 10 or 15 years. This can only be achieved by carrying out preventive maintenance correctly or offering fast service to fix unforeseen breakdowns and defects.

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The contribution of the PlateButler system

Lab Services is proud to have contributed with our PlateButler system to the automation system built at HZPC Research. For years we as integrators have been involved from the sideline with the progress made by our customers by means of our advanced platforms which enables them to conduct more reliable research in a fast manner. Because of this we contribute to the new developments and innovations our customers go through. You can read the article below about the research and the use of an advanced and specially made PlateButler platform.

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From a PO on paper to a finished platform, as seen through the eyes of order handling

The reception of a new PO (purchase order) for an innovative PlateButler® platform marks the beginning of a new challenge for Lab Services.  Detailed 3D drawings in quotations must be translated into tangible assets that will truly make a difference in a laboratory environment upon delivery.

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Announcement: New collaboration LVL Technologies

We are proud to announce that Lab Services has entered into a new partnership with LVL Technologies. From now on Lab Services is also your direct partner for a wide range of innovative sample storage options.

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Save time, man hours and money with PurePlate!

PurePlate is an automated system that cleans contaminated microplates with a high throughput speed and prepares it for reuse. PurePlate is developed in collaboration with IonField Systems to reuse microplates quickly, accurately and completely clean.

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Lab Services and Westburg join forces to offer automated viral RNA extraction

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand, a shortage of viral RNA testing capacity arises. This calls for a new collaboration. We are happy to announce that Westburg and Lab Services have teamed up to meet the increasing demand for automated viral RNA extraction. In this unique collaboration the extensive lab automation expertise of Lab Services is combined with Westburg’s long-standing know-how in nucleic acid extraction.

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Lab Services looks to the future!

The festive season’s over, and we’ve got the new year off to a great start! Lab Services is looking ahead with plenty of confidence this year. While we invested heavily in the visibility of PlateButler® in the market last year, our focus in 2020 will also lie on creating recognition of the endless possibilities and taking up new challenges. Lab Services is once again looking ahead to an inspiring, challenging and fruitful year!

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PlateButler: the most appreciated software package

Lab services has been producing robotic systems for many years, ranging from the simple to the highly complex. But all systems developed by Lab services are controlled by our own software: PlateButler. So it is important to ensure that PlateButler software is simple for small systems yet offers all the possibilities required of complex systems.

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Attaining the ultimate limits starts with getting the basics right.

After 27 years of Lab Services, our PlateButler® technology has developed into the strongest and smartest technology on the market.

I am often asked to explain the ins and outs of scheduling software. Although this is a perfectly understandable question, I generally point out that the key to the solution lies elsewhere. Features are not the answer.

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Biological relevance is growing

Within Lab Services we have had a specialised project management department for many years now. The expanding line which Lab Services has deployed in recent years made its presence felt by the number of projects in progress. It was necessary to expand the department’s knowledge so as to keep all projects on the right track and continue to provide our clients with a high level of service and flexibility.

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The growth of Lab Services

Almost two years have passed since Ferry de Vugt and I acquired Lab Services from former owner and company ambassador Marcel Mossou.

We have been busy during those two years. Lab Services has grown tremendously and really taken off in recent years. Obviously, strong growth always puts our standards and values at risk...

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Company takeover of Lab Services Breda offers new opportunities for the future!

Breda, 16 May 2017 - Lab Services, a laboratory automation supplier from Breda, was taken over on Thursday 30 March 2017. Marcel Mossou is retiring and Lab Services is now in the capable hands of Arjan Hofman and Ferry de Vugt. Thanks to this takeover and a clear focus, Lab Services is ready for the future.

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