One integrated data solution for all automated experiments.

Meet ArchiTECHt, the unsung hero of your lab. it's not just another data solution; it's the
ultimate sidekick for your automated experiments.

Collect, store and analyze your data at one transparent and accessible central location to
perform several assays automatically one after the other using predefined parameters. Get
easy access and export, even between different departments or sites and get complete
insight into the results of (ongoing) experiments. New subsets for the next assays will then
be selected and will even start automatically.
Key features
  • Integrated data solution:
    Your data has a new home: transparent, accessible, and all in one place.
    ArchiTECHt makes collecting, storing, and analyzing data a breeze. It handles 
    multiple assays automatically, sticking to predefined parameters for that extra dash of consistency.
  • Effortless collaboration:
    No more data hiccups between departments. Enjoy easy access and export of data
    across different departments or sites. Keep everyone in the loop with complete
    insights into ongoing experiments.
  • Automated workflow:
    ArchiTECHt takes the lead in efficiency. New subsets for subsequent assays are
    selected and initiated automatically, optimizing efficiency. Run multiple assays in a
    row without constant supervision as ArchiTECHt cuts the need for constant human intervention.

Why it matters:

Speed and objectivity:
In the blink of an eye you've got interpreted data. ArchiTECHt connects the dots and
presents it graphically, making you the superhero of quick analyses. Big trials, bigger
analyses. ArchiTECHt enables faster, more objective, and robust dives into larger
volumes of trials. Your data game just got a speed boost.

Cost and time savings:
Linking tests to cut human input. Translation: more time, more money in your pocket.
ArchiTECHt increases throughput speed as it seamlessly juggles multiple tasks in a 
row. Your experiments just leveled up.

Adaptability and intelligence:
ArchitTECHt is your lab's AI sidekick as it analyzes data and suggests next steps. It's
like having a genius lab assistant. ArchiTECHt puts the decision-making in the hands
of your lab technicians. Adapt to changes, make intelligent calls, all from the comfort
of your own lab.

Security and accessibility:
Worried about your data's whereabouts? ArchiTECHt keeps it close. Stored securely
at your place, eliminating cloud-induced anxiety.

In a nutshell, ArchiTECHt transforms your lab experience, delivering faster, easier, and
clearer results. Dive into hands-on data organization with AI analysis, suggesting the next
steps in your research journey. Lab technicians gain the power to adapt and make intelligent
decisions, all securely at your own location.

This revolutionary approach ensures scientists are thoroughly informed, leading to better
decisions and a superior research experience. Embrace the efficiency, clarity, and security of
ArchiTECHt, simplifying your research game without the need for a tech PhD. Get ready for a
smoother, smarter research journey, all thanks to ArchiTECHt!
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