Lab Services is getting ready for the future

Written by Jan DiepstratenOffice Manager Finance

Breda, 24 February 2021
Lab Services B.V. is a rapidly growing organisation. The platforms we build are getting bigger, our clients’ service needs are growing and we are seeing an increase in personnel on both the production side of the company and on the overhead side of our operations. As a result of all these developments, we also have a growing need to further professionalise our information provision. 

A few months ago, we began looking for ways to realise this. We have since determined that a renewed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package would be the perfect solution for our rapidly growing company. The purpose of the implementation of this new ERP package is to enable us to record all of Lab Services’ financial, logistical and commercial activities in a single system. This will be particularly beneficial for our project management department, which forms the heart of Lab Services. From now on, their information provision will be handled in a centralised manner.

We are currently in the final phase of the selection procedure for the new ERP software. After learning more about the possibilities that the various packages offer, I personally cannot wait to start using the new software in order to create an even more professional environment for our clients and suppliers alike. 

As our client, you will undoubtedly experience the innovations yourself. During phase two of this automation process, we will begin setting up the portal. This will allow you to check your status online and monitor the progress of your platform's development, among other things. This innovation ensures that when the account manager visits you periodically, you will not only have access to your complete sales history, but can also report on the status of your platform with the help of the portal. You can also easily identify potential points of improvement based on the service reports and the related advice and recommendations. In other words, many new possibilities will be available to you before long.

Of course, we will keep you up to date on the development of this project in a future blog post. As always, we are hard at work on the continued development and improvement of all aspects of Lab Services B.V. to get ready for the future!