Order Handling: PO to Finished Platform at lab Services
Désirée Goedhart

Written by Désirée GoedhartOrder Handling

Breda, 24 August 2020
The reception of a new PO (purchase order) for an innovative PlateButler® platform marks the beginning of a new challenge for Lab Services. Detailed 3D drawings in quotations must be translated into tangible assets that will truly make a difference in a laboratory environment upon delivery.

For the order handling department, this challenge means that everything needed to develop a platform and deliver it to the client on time must be available. Think of e.g. equipment that must be purchased from third parties as well as the production of our proprietary products. Every project has its own schedule and the trick is to make sure the equipment and materials are at the right place at exactly the right time; just when they are scheduled to be incorporated into the platform. At times, pulling this off can be an enormous challenge. For some products, we depend on suppliers and their stock. Close communication with the supplier and Lab Services’ project team is essential to make sure everything stays on track. The latter must constantly be kept up to date on the status of the purchased items.

Once the development of the platform is underway, the first part of the order handling department's project activities is over. The next step is about organising the platform's transportation to the client's location. In the meantime, the purchase administration is taken care of as well. After all, nothing is free in the world we live in.

After a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), the platform is made ready for transport. During this phase, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the platform is well received by the client. Close communication with the client is therefore essential. Where should the crate(s) be delivered to and is the location in question easily accessible for the transporter (e.g. are there any environmental zones along the way)? Other important concerns are whether the crates can physically fit through the building's entrance, whether the right materiel is available to unload the crates or whether a forklift is needed? By discussing these issues with the client beforehand, we can modify the dimensions of the crates if need be and arrange suitable transportation.

Finally, it is time to set up the platform at the client's location. For the order handling department, all that is left to do is take care of any miscellaneous administrative tasks and wait for the report that a positive SAT was conducted and the client is satisfied with their platform. As with all our projects, excellent collaboration leads to excellent results!