Laboratory automation Lab Services

Written by Jeroen TheeuwesSoftware manager

Breda, 1 November 2019
Lab services has been producing robotic systems for many years, ranging from the simple to the highly complex. But all systems developed by Lab services are controlled by our own software: PlateButler. So it is important to ensure that PlateButler software is simple for small systems yet offers all the possibilities required of complex systems.

Herein lies the challenge when it comes to software development. This challenge is faced head-on in the Lab services software department on a daily basis. Apart from the continuous development of clients - who form the communication layer to the equipment in the system – we also continuously develop new functionalities in PlateButler Manager. After all, this is the beating heart of the system.

In PlateButler Manager, decisions are made as to which tasks are to be carried out and when. The better these tasks are scheduled, the more efficient the system. That is why we make it as easy as possible for the user to indicate which tasks are important in the overall process, i.e. which tasks need to be carried out according to highly specific requirements and when the system can introduce more flexibility to their execution.

Apart from our own ideas for software expansions, discussions with customers also often provide us with tips to improve or adapt certain components of the software. We are always open to good and innovative suggestions. This lets us guarantee that PlateButler is the most effective and appreciated software package for controlling your system.