Laboratory automation Lab Services

Written by Robbert van de WorpProject Group Manager

Breda, 1 May 2019
Within Lab Services we have had a specialised project management department for many years now. The expanding line which Lab Services has deployed in recent years made its presence felt by the number of projects in progress. It was necessary to expand the department’s knowledge so as to keep all projects on the right track and continue to provide our clients with a high level of service and flexibility.

As automation becomes increasingly common in laboratories, there is a growing requirement for more specificity - in addition to automation and integration - in the biological relevance of the assay being run.

We note also that clients increasingly require a system which can be widely deployed or even used by multiple departments. This is why the platform’s scope and complexity are being extended. Together we are continuously pushing the limits of the biological relevance. We are probing ever deeper.

This is the reason why project management and deep application knowledge are closely related to PlateButler® projects. This is what Lab Services can provide for you.

We anticipate that the number of projects in progress will further increase in the future. This is something which we have already factored in for our move to a new main office. The number of specialists in the team has also been expanded to keep everything in balance. Between them they have the knowledge required for us to accommodate this growth.