Rens's 2023 Journey

Written by Lisa RoozendaalContent Creator

Breda, 23 August 2023
With his knowledge of engineering, resourcefulness and ingenuity, Rens has made a solid contribution to our product development initiatives. His contribution was so impressive that Lab Services offered Rens a contract. He has now started working as Junior CAD Engineer in our project department. We are extremely proud of his performance and his professional growth. Rens shares his personal journey towards this milestone below.

‘My work placement saw me engaged in improving and optimising an existing product. In order to come up with a definitive solution, I was mainly doing drawing, brainstorming and force calculations.’

At Lab Services, we attach a great deal of importance to professional development and personal growth, which is why we tailor the difficulty level of the work placement assignment to the student’s progress level on his or her course.‘

The most satisfying aspect was the complexity of the assignment and the enjoyable interaction with my colleagues. Despite my very limited knowledge of the lab world, I actually found it really interesting to learn more about it and to put my knowledge and skills within this industry to good use. The fact that I don’t have a background in the lab sector made the assignment all the more challenging, as a result of which I reckon I’ve grown an awful lot.’

Current work placement students may well be the reformers of the future. Our continuously innovating, pioneering systems enable us to make a valuable contribution to a growing society. Which is why we deem it important to provide work placement students with the best possible supervision and to share our knowledge with them to enable them to ultimately make the difference.

‘A positive atmosphere pervades the company and we get given proper supervision. What’s more, I’ve gained valuable experience on the ins and outs of a business as well as knowledge on lab processes and I’ve developed my professional skills further. I took on an advisory role, developed my leadership skills in talks and played an active role in scheduling and attending a variety of meetings. It’s also satisfying to know that I’ve done my bit towards something that will help people in the future.’

Students often inject a fresh perspective and have the ability to approach things from a different angle. Lab Services gives you the freedom to tread your own path, enabling you to discover, experience and explore things in your own way.

‘There are plenty of work placement students in the same boat at Lab Services. Aside from the convivial atmosphere that creates, it also presents opportunities in terms of discussing the work placement process with other students. You’ll find that everyone is adopting a different approach and being given the space to do their own thing. You can learn a lot from these different approaches and perspectives and draw on them as input for your own work placement process.’

We set great store by personal development, orientation, a convivial atmosphere and smooth progress. Which is why we focus on providing proper supervision and on giving work placement students the opportunity to immerse themselves in what it is they are keen to learn. Thus ensuring that the students get the best out of their work placements.