Written by Noelle PeetersMarketing Manager

Breda, 17 November 2022
In the last thirty years, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us - as experts in the rapidly growing market for automated systems in the biotech and crop sectors - to provide custom-made full-range solutions. Among the things we have learned during this time - particularly during the last few years - are the importance of technological innovation, the rapid pace at which these developments occur and the key role that young people play in all this. 

After all, young people are the future. At the same time, the world of business - which Lab Services forms part of - is shaping their future today. At Lab Services, we therefore always look ahead and work on ways to get young people acquainted with what we do at an early age and get them involved and interested in our field. In just a few short years, they will be making a difference there. We view investments in the youths of today as investments in the society of tomorrow. At Lab Services, we like to start at an early age.

Young people growing up today see a world of rapid developments, advanced technology and new innovations that were the stuff of dreams just a few years ago. Although the rate at which these developments occur is unprecedented, today's youth takes it all in stride. The demand for specific skills and expertise is growing in response to these rapid developments, which is precisely why young people will play such a critical role in our future.

That is why it is important to introduce young people to the world of technology, automation and integration at an early age. The possibilities available to them in this field are endless. By interacting with these young people during special business days and at internship fairs, actually listening to them and offering them opportunities, we want to create a team of experts that is ready for whatever the future holds. We provide a wide variety of internship assignments and create apprenticeship positions for those looking to gain some professional experience during their studies.

However, Lab Services also goes the extra mile by getting children and adolescents who have yet to make their study choice excited about our field. We do this by inviting schools for introduction days. During these introduction days, children between the ages of 10 and 15 are given various assignments tailored to their knowledge and expertise, which serve as an informal introduction to the world of automation.

Lab Services not only strives to create opportunities. We also want to offer young people a hopeful and promising future. As a result of the myriad developments happening today and those yet to come, positions - especially in our field - will be structured differently in the future than ever before. As a result, the students of the future will have to be trained and educated differently than previous generations. In the years to come, they will no longer be trained to perform any specific function. Instead, they will be prepared for a job that may not even exist yet. Functions will change and the demand from our global society will determine what these changes will entail. Understandably, this is a major source of concern and uncertainty among students. That is where Lab Services is eager to make a difference. As an innovative organisation, we lead the charge with regard to many developments and we therefore have the opportunities and competences needed to grow along with our rapidly changing market. It is all about offering clarity, creating opportunities and investing in today's youth. By doing so, we hope to create a future in which we can offer the next generation a clear perspective. We are eager to face this challenge head on.