PlateButler® TipHotel: Flexible Solutions for Storing Tips

In applications such as Hit-Picking, Cherry-Picking and re-arraying as well as others, tip management is always an important facet of the automation process. How to store enough tips for large batches of plates and how to get them on the deck of the liquid handler?

 When high-throughput tip dispensing via the PlateDispenser becomes too excessive, the PlateButler® TipHotel will be suitable for you. Especially when the tips need to be kept sterile. This device provides ambient robot-friendly storage of tips and is known for the optimal use of the available bench top capacity. The PlateButler® TipHotel is available for different brands of tips. The tips are stored in independent slots and have no contact with the surfaces. This makes the PlateButler® TipHotel perfect for sterile applications.

 The PlateButler® TipHotel has as major advantage that it can have any height necessary, as long as it is reachable for the PlateButler® robotic arm, saving bench top surface by leaving out an additional hotel. The desired distance between the drawers is made to measure, ensuring the PlateButler® TipHotel is suitable for different tip types and heights.
Key features
  • Easy operator loading
  • All SBS formats (and heights)
  • Non-SBS format tips on request
  • Suitable for sterile environments
  • Random Access
Flexible solution for storing tips
Product specifications
  • Dimensions
  • 8 x 21 x 82cm (L x W x H)
  • Capacity for tip racks (max 95 mm)
  • 10
  • Tip rack type (SBS formats)
  • All SBS formats (and heights)
    Tailor made for specials (on request)
  • Weight
  • 4 kilogram
  • Operating conditions
  • -10°C up to +40°C
  • Certification
  • CE
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