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Written by Fred van EngelenWestburg

Breda, 15 April 2020

FeliX Multichannel Pipetting Robot from Lab Services

The CyBio FeliX is a flexible and fully automatic multi-channel pipetting robot suitable for the automation of virtually every laboratory workflow. The compact, modular system consists of a basic unit, with a unique two-level deck system and easy-to-change pipetting heads. An Extraction Set add-on creates the solution for automated nucleic acid extraction in the 96-well format. The instrument can be used either as a closed stand-alone unit or without housing to fit in a laminar flow workbench or to integrate into automation systems. In addition, just a few additional configurations are needed to enable downstream (q)PCR setup.

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innuPREP Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kits from Westburg

The innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit FX has been designed for automated extraction of both viral DNA and RNA from serum or plasma samples using the CyBio FeliX. The extraction procedure is based on the Dual-Chemistry (DC) technology patented by Analytik Jena and makes use of reliable magnetic bead separation to process up to 96 samples in parallel.The resulting viral DNA and RNA are maximum in yield and quality and can be used for downstream applications like standard or real-time PCR. To verify the extraction process the kit contains a Carrier Mix composed of Carrier RNA, Internal Control DNA (IC DNA) and RNA (IC RNA).

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