Laboratory automation Lab Services

Written by Noëlle PeetersMarketing Manager

Breda, 17 February 2020
The festive season’s over, and we’ve got the new year off to a great start! Lab Services is looking ahead with plenty of confidence this year. While we invested heavily in the visibility of PlateButler® in the market last year, our focus in 2020 will also lie on creating recognition of the endless possibilities and taking up new challenges. Lab Services is once again looking ahead to an inspiring, challenging and fruitful year!

And what better way to begin the year than with the launch of several completely, new marketing features. Features that play a vital role in promoting Lab Services within the target group and the market. We had an excellent start this year with the launch of a completely new website. With this website, Lab Services aims to offer visitors more information and facilitate the search for a suitable automation and integration solution. From now on, not only will the website feature targeted information on Lab Services and our products, but it will also be possible to perform a specific search on application options and the associated application notes and products. We aim to assist visitors in their search for the right laboratory automation solution.

Lab Services is also kicking off the new trade fair season with a totally renovated demo system. During SLAS San Diego 2020, we were delighted to present our new trade fair stand to our audience. Entirely new developments, including product developments, have ensured that the old demo system has been given a totally new lease of life. With the new demo system, Lab Services can include visitors in the options that we, as a company, can offer. The new trade fair stand also ensures that the demo system is clearly in the spotlight and that we continue to stand out compared with other companies. By equipping the trade fair stand with a range of TV screens and new videos, we can include visitors further along in the process, and provide them with inspiration when it comes to laboratory automation.

We were very proud to introduce and play our new Lab Services company video at SLAS San Diego. An innovative, quick and yet clear company video that precisely sets out what Lab Services is, what we do, and what solutions we can provide. We bring viewers with us to a world of automation and integration, explaining the benefits that PlateButler® can provide to users.

It is now also possible to get a digital tour through our company premises in order to gain an even better insight into Lab Services. For example, just take a look into the workplace or visit the software and project management departments. Then take a walk along our demo system to get a glimpse behind the scenes at Lab Services. We’d be delighted to bring viewers with us by offering transparency.

These new developments will help us get the year off to a great start. And this year, we’ll be focusing on innovations, new steps and continuing to promote the PlateButler® solution. Pay close attention to Lab Services over the coming year! After all, automation and integration solutions don't get much better than PlateButler®!