Written by Lisa RoozendaalContent Creator

Breda, 5 June 2023
Bart worked in our workshop for five months and his job involved supporting the installation team. During this time, he helped to construct and install various platforms for several customers.

“Working on the most recent automation project was one of the most attractive aspects of my internship at Lab Services. It was a completely new experience for me, and I have never worked on such a large project before. I was immediately thrown in at the deep end, which means I was able to gain a lot of experience from the very outset. It was interesting to see how the various phases in the project were completed. The activities were in line with what I learned at school.”

Lab Services would like students to develop as effectively as possible. This is often done by allowing them to first decide for themselves how to best address a particular assignment/problem.

“Compared to my previous internship, I noticed that I was given a lot of freedom here. As a result, I learned to accept more responsibility. Nobody held my hand, and I was given the chance to do my own thing. I was encouraged to resolve errors myself and, if this was not possible, I could always approach someone for help. If anyone wants to go on a truly challenging internship, then I would definitely advise them to try Lab Services.”

Lab Services gives you the opportunity to efficiently implement the things that you learn at school. We try to ensure that internship assignments are in keeping with the curriculum of the study programme in question as well as the situation in practice.

“I was able to further develop my mechanical and electronic skills during the internship. I could clearly implement things that I had learned at school. System assembly is one of the new things that I have learned during my internship. It was interesting to see how the platform was constructed from scratch and how it was actually turned into an efficient and effective system.”

There is a lot of variety in the tasks performed during an internship. This is a conscious decision, so students get a clearer insight into their strengths and (specific) interests.

“You really get the chance to do all kinds of things here. In the future, I would like electronics and engineering to be part of the work that I do. I do not want to specialise in one specific area, but want to be very good at both so that I can put them into practice during my activities.”