The integration of Ellis is transforming laboratory operations and research capabilities. Its speed,
adaptability, and safety enhancements are revolutionizing the way experiments are conducted, from
sample handling to data analysis.
Ellis stands as a symbol of innovation, enabling researchers to unlock new frontiers in their pursuit of
knowledge and advancement in various scientific disciplines. This is the obvious next step. Making
your lab operational 24/7 has never been this close!


Ellis’ swift mobility and agility will expedite experiments and data collection processes. It
autonomously moves from one workstation to another and even between various divisions and
embodies a level of accuracy that redefines the standards of laboratory robotics. Due to it’s custom-
built top for the stable placement of a collaborative robot, it possesses the ability to maneuver
through tight spaces, operate devices and equipment, and extract samples from units without
compromising the integrity of the samples. Guided by cutting-edge sensors and advanced algorithms,
its precise movements ensure meticulous task execution, minimizing the chances of contamination
and human error. This guarantees the reliability of experimental results.

Yet, in the pursuit of speed and precision, safety is our unwavering priority. Ellis is equipped with an
array of intelligent safety features, ensuring a secure and controlled environment. It includes an
integrated safety laserscanner that enhances safety by providing additional coverage all around. The
integration of side lasers as well as floor lasers further contributes to safety during movement.
Moreover, a safe docking system is seamlessly integrated into the robot's top, ensuring that the
robot can only operate when properly docked, adding an extra layer of security to its functionality.

From obstacle detection to emergency response systems, Ellis stands as a beacon of reliability, safeguarding both your valuable experiments and the researchers involved.

Build your own robot
Ellis offers a unique and flexible solution, allowing you to build your own robot by tailoring its
features to suit the specific needs and preferences of your lab. With a range of customizable options,
Ellis becomes the perfect colleague, effortlessly adapting to the dynamic requirements of your
research projects.

Ellis is build with a unique PlateHotel with isolated positions, which are automatically sealed off from
the outside world. The hotel minimizes the chances of contamination and offers various
functionalities. Depending on your preferences and needs, the hotel can be customized. This includes
the option to choose the number of positions and whether they should be suitable for regular or
deep well plates.

  • Each position has the ability to heat or cool.
  • Each position has the option for overpressure e.g. CO2, nitrogen, etc.
  • Each position has integrated sensors to monitor ppm, temperature and humidity.
  • Each position is equipped with a built-in touchscreen to check the status. This touchscreen can be used to manually access the position after entering a code.
Key features
  • Small footprint, long runtime
  • Come closer than ever to realizing continuous functionality for your laboratory around the clock!
  • Comes with intelligent safety features that guarantee a secure and controlled environment.
  • Build your own robot: tailor its features to suit the specific needs and preferences of your lab.
  • Fully integrated PlateCruiser for changing between plate orientations and re-gripping plates in an efficient manner.
  • Ellis exemplifies a degree of precision that reshapes the benchmarks for laboratory robotics.
  • Ellis autonomously moves between workstations, seamlessly transitions between divisions, navigates tight spaces, and operates various devices and equipment.
  • Forge a seamless synergy between technology and research. Tailor, adjust, and innovate with Ellis – your ideal laboratory companion.
Product specifications
Ingress Protection Class IP20
Cleanroom rating ISO 5 / Class 100
Maximum weight 90 kg
Loading capacity arm 0.5 – 1 kg including gripper
Run time (no payload) 15 hours
Run time (full payload) 12 hours
Maximum speed 1350 – 1800 mm/s
Maximum rotation speed 180 o /s
Recharge time 2 hrs – 10 min. for 20% to 80% charge
Power 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz
Routing Autonomous routing by localizing with safety
scanning laser based on environment mapping
Environmental map making method Scan by walking the AMR through the
environment, and upload the scan data to the
MobilePlanner software
Low Front Laser One Class 1 laser at front of AMR with a 126 o

field of view
Side Laser Two Class 1 lasers wit a 270 o field of view on

the sides of payload structure.
Stop position repeatability (single AMR) To a position: +/- 65mm
To standard target: +/- 25 mm
With CAPS: +/- 8mm
With HAPS: +/- 8mm
Stop Position Repeatability (Fleet) To a position: +/- 85mm
To standard target: +/- 35 mm
With CAPS: +/- 12mm
With HAPS: +/- 10mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 349 x 369 x 1.065mm

495 x 495.5 x 1.067mm (with floor plate)
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