PlateButler® LidHolder: fast, reliable lid storage

Many laboratories conduct processes that require lids. A time-consuming activity within automation, and one that takes up considerable space. The sophisticated design of the PlateButler® LidHolder allows standard lids and metal lids to be stored fast, with great accuracy and in a small space.

The lids are removed with suction cups and a vacuum. Every LidHolder has a serial port connection (RS232) to allow integration, and a system to allow for monitoring and control of the vacuum. In addition to the standard LidHolder, Lab Services has also developed the LidHolder Plus and the Lidholder Plus2.

LidHolder Plus
The LidHolder Plus was designed for up to 5 non-standard (plastic or metal) lids and other specific applications. These parts are usually very delicate. That is why this design has been fitted with an additional pneumatic Z-movement that attaches the suction cups to the lid.
LidHolder Plus2
The LidHolder Plus2 is based on the design of the LidHolder Plus, but it has an additional electrically driven clamping mechanism. This prevents the device from picking up the entire dish with the lid if the lid is sticky.

Single LidHolder

The PlateButler® Single LidHolder is a device that can only hold one lid. It is a small unit that also communicates over the ethernet. All it needs is a network connection and power input. This is a very cost-efficient way of working with lids on a robotic automation platform. Its vacuum is created by a small motor with a membrane that is located inside the device.

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