Written by Lisa RoozendaalContent Creator

Breda, 23 February 2023
After being part of the installation team for twenty weeks, Robin is going back to school to continue his training to become a technical engineer. His internship primarily had him providing support during the development, installation and connection of platforms for various clients.

“During my internship, I truly got the sense that I was making a valuable contribution to the company.”

We sat down with Robin to discuss his wishes and needs with regard to his internship. By listening to what he wanted, Lab Services was able to offer him the variety in activities that he was looking for. This is an important aspect of the internship positions in our engineering department. Robin was also given the freedom to perform his various duties however he saw fit. All the while, the team was ready to contribute their expertise if necessary.

“The internship tied into my studies perfectly. I was able to put a lot of what I learned in my studies into practice while performing my duties. At the same time, I gained a wealth of practical experience and learned a lot about the how the company operates.”

At Lab Services, we like to show students more effective and efficient ways to do things than they were taught in school. Whereas the training programme is primarily focused on using a comprehensive approach, we like to demonstrate ways to get things done faster without compromising the quality of our work.

“From day one, everyone welcomed me with open arms, which quickly made me feel right at home here. Despite the serious nature of what we do, there are plenty of opportunities to chat and have fun while we work.”