Written by Noelle PeetersMarketing Manager

Breda, 17 November 2023
During his internship at Lab Services, Karim was assigned a challenging task: modifying and improving a specific component of our PlateButler software. You can read about his internship experience below. Be inspired by his dedication, curiosity, and accomplishments.

"I found immense joy in working on the PlateButler software, especially because it brought together my two passions; software development and robotics. It was gratifying to witness the robots being instructed to execute my software commands with precision. Teaching the robot and observing its responses to interactions fascinated me the most. This experience deepened my interest in robotics, and I hope to have the opportunity to work closely with robots in the future."

Karim was able to witness how his work manifested in our system, ultimately achieving a successful end result. How did he manage to attain these positive outcomes?

"During my internship, I was granted a lot of autonomy and received excellent guidance. The biggest challenge for me was the frequent absence of my supervisor, as he often had to travel abroad. Fortunately, there were plenty of other colleagues I could rely on when I encountered difficulties. I found a perfect balance between being given space to work independently and receiving guidance. My supervisor regularly expressed interest in my progress, but at the same time, I was encouraged to take the initiative and tackle any obstacles on my own. This approach allowed me to learn a great deal, and in the end, I was able to deliver a fantastic final product."

At Lab Services, interns have the opportunity to work on their assigned tasks but also to observe various projects and departments. This way, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its different roles and responsibilities, helping them better identify their interests. This experience provides insights into working within an organization and aids in making future career choices.

"Besides working on my software assignment, I also took the opportunity to regularly observe the workshop because I find working with robots highly intriguing. Through working on the software assignment and observing other colleagues and projects, I learned a great deal. My technical skills in coding and analytical thinking improved significantly during this internship. Additionally, I gained a deeper understanding of the day-to-day operations of a company."

Karim had a positive experience during his internship at Lab Services. Throughout his tenure, he gained valuable industry knowledge, expanded his skill set, and built new connections.

"I would describe Lab Services as a welcoming work environment where they provide you with the opportunity to explore your interests. There was also a good balance between working independently and receiving guidance. If you're looking for a challenging internship where you can learn more about robots, this is the place to be."