Written by Sebastiaan HorstSales Representative Benelux

Breda, 23 August 2023
Lab Services not only operates as a supplier of bespoke lab automation but also serves as the official representative of reputable lab brands in the Benelux region, including LVL technologies and Analytik Jena.

LVL technologies specialises in track & trace solutions for samples with the aid of innovative 2D-coded tubes and racks. They are constantly pushing back the boundaries in terms of innovation. They actively cooperate with us and draw on valuable market insights to develop new hardware, including such products as the Tube Laser Marker, which is further enhancing their range.

By contrast, Analytik Jena is focused on small-scale liquid handling and the automation of other repetitive lab procedures, such as plate labelling.

As a representative company for labs, the primary aspects of Lab Services’ work encompass a wide array of track & trace / sample storage, liquid handling and other lab automation options. We provide these for a variety of industries, including food, biotechnology, crop sciences, pharmacy and universities.

As will be evident from the current economic climate, major pharmaceutical companies and government bodies are still struggling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the markets for food and crop sciences actually continuing to grow. Fortunately, the costs associated with more complex tests, such as sequencing, seem to be falling ​​for now, which is making these kinds of test more appealing for budget-oriented screening in food and crop sciences. There is also automation of sample preparation, which can be achieved by means of small-scale liquid handlers.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic also triggered increased levels of investment in the Life Science market to enable faster testing with a higher degree of accuracy and rigour. Once the pandemic was over, however, this actually led to investments in equipment with a high capex value being halted as this appeared to present a higher level of risk. Work done in recent years has generated new insights into not only the procurement of equipment but also the use of consumables, for instance. Such insights include awareness of the growing interest in more sustainable solutions due to the high volume of lab waste produced, such as plastics. One of these solutions is tip reuse. A great, cost-saving, sustainable solution which is perfectly suited to specific markets, such as R&D and even CROs, enabling them to reuse their tips more and more often through tip washing or industrial tip cleaners. For example, Analytik Jena has a unique tip washing function on their liquid handlers which makes it possible to reuse the tips for some applications.

Another significant factor in the life science sector is the high energy bills and the volume of plastic waste produced. LVL technologies is engaged in developing innovative products that contribute to reducing these high energy costs and the sizeable volume of plastic waste.

Nonetheless, these are just a few of the many examples for which there is market demand at present. Developing a healthier, more ethical world is crucial, and in that regard we definitely cannot afford to ignore waste in the development process.

One of the benefits of operating as a distributor is the ability to discuss issues such as those highlighted above, collectively develop products and promote the use of these, thereby contributing to remedying the pollution issues.