PlateCarousel Stacked and Random Access: Automated Circular Plate Storage with Detachable Units

Complementing the Lab Services optimal storage solutions, the PlateCarousel maximizes your robot-friendly storage capacity even further, whilst keeping your surface area as limited as possible.

The new PlateCarousel consists of a motorized turntable with detachable Stacked PlateHotels, or fixed Random Access PlateHotels, that store microplates, tip boxes, tube racks etc. When used with the PlateButler® robot arm and corresponding PlateButler® Manager Software, the PlateCarousel provides fully-automated microplate storage.

The PlateCarousel equipped with detachable Stacked PlateHotels has a loading capacity for up to 400 microplates (8 hotels with approximately 50 microplates). Loading is easy. Just remove the PlateHotel from the base plate, load it (elsewhere if you like) and click it back in its place. To save your loading time, order an extra set of PlateHotels to load them whilst your system is running. The PlateHotel Stacked is available in two heights, approximately 40 cm or 75 cm, corresponding with the height of the PlateButler® robot arm.

The PlateCarousel equipped with Random Access PlateHotels has a loading capacity for up to 200 microplates (10 hotels with approximately 20 microplates). The desired distance between the drawers is made to measure, ensuring the PlateHotel is suitable for different plate types and heights. The Random Access PlateHotel is available in two heights, approximately 40 cm or 75 cm, corresponding with the height of the PlateButler® robot arm. The random-access PlateCarousel has an inventory scan option that uses a Barcode Reader to register your labware upon the start of your process.
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Key features
  • Detachable and circular storage on small footprint
  • Easy operator loading
  • All SBS formats (and heights)
  • Deep well, tip boxes, tube racks etc.
  • With or without lids
  • Stacked or Random Access
  • Inventory scan for random configurations
Product specifications
  • Dimensions
  • 70 x 50 x 80 cm (L x W x H)
  • Capacity for shallow well plate (14 mm)
  • 400 Stacked, 200 Random access
  • Plate or rack type (SBS formats)
  • All SBS formats (and heights)
  • Power consumption
  • 100 watt
  • Weight (unloaded)
  • 50 kilogram
  • Operating conditions
  • -10°C up to +40°C
  • Certification
  • CE
  • Interface
  • USB
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