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Written by Noëlle PeetersMarketing Manager

Breda, 25 June 2020
PurePlate is an automated system that cleans contaminated microplates with a high throughput speed and prepares it for reuse. PurePlate is developed in collaboration with IonField Systems to reuse microplates quickly, accurately and completely clean. 

The cleaning process takes place via a rinsing and plasma surface treatment. Dirty microplates are transported from PlateHotels to the Rinse station by a robot arm for the first step in the cleaning process. The Rinse station dispenses a microliter amount of high concentration of alcohol solvent into each well, spins it out, washes the plate with a high pressure alcohol/water mixture, then centrifuges the microplate dry. 

Subsequently, the microplates are moved to the Plasma station where ionized air (plasma) is blown to break apart organic molecules and evaporate liquids. The cleaned microplates are then placed in clean PlateHotels. To prevent contamination, a clear distinction has been made between clean and dirty PlateHotels. 

The workcell has space for up to 350 contaminated microplates, depending on the type of plate used. In addition, it is possible to provide PurePlate with a protective cover. Windows provide a user-friendly yet safe approach. 

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