How responsibility and sustainability are closely connected.

The growth of the global society has necessitated the development of new medicines and nutrition, which in turn is greatly increasing the demand for research. The mission and vision of Lab Services is to develop and sell innovative products that are suitable for a wide range of uses in various global markets and applications. Lab Services' products, services and expertise help our clients innovate, by allowing them to carry out their research and development activities faster, more efficiently and more effectively in response to global demand.

Through the years, we have adapted our mission and vision to meet the increasing demand for sustainable laboratories. This has focused our attention on sustainability, particularly in the light of the challenges caused by raw material shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, we were forced to be creative and think about how to make laboratories more sustainable, for example by reusing products. This resulted in more sustainable laboratories and a greater range of options to increase productivity.

At Lab Services, we have the tools our clients need to make their daily work easier, more flexible and more user friendly. We prioritise quality, accuracy and service. For us, quality also means manufacturing our products in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner. We have a responsibility towards all those who contribute to our success. This means we must use the resources we need carefully and that we have a duty to care for the people who work for us, the environment and our society. After all, we demand a lot from our planet, its resources and our people. By focusing on altruism, we can truly add value while making a positive contribution to the climate and to society.

Our values describe our unique culture: personal, flexible, innovative and reliable. We have a unique, down-to-earth approach. We think and act as a single, unified team.  

At Lab Services, we work as one team. Whether you work in the workshop, supervise projects, handle the administration or work in sales, we are all colleagues. Without each other, Lab Services could not have grown to become the company it is today. Everyone contributes by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. We are also committed to long-term partnerships with our suppliers and believe in the importance of being honest and open with each other.

Flexibility means two things to us: how we act and how we develop our products. On the one hand, flexibility is a top priority in the development of our platforms and products. Modifications to existing platforms must be easy to realise and innovations must be suitable for as many different applications as possible. To achieve this, we must also be flexible as a team. We listen and respond to our clients' wishes, think in terms of solutions and treat people, resources, the environment and our society with care. We always seek the right balance.

We are (brand) independent, which means we can choose our own course. Wherever you look in our organisation, you'll find people who think carefully and seek creative solutions. At Lab Services, the client comes first, which is why we do all we can to fulfil their needs and wishes. That demands innovation and creativity. If we believe in something, we try it ourselves first. We only outsource if it really is the only option. This doesn't just help us cut costs: it also reflects what we believe in.

Good customer relations are built on reliability and trust, particularly when it comes to long-term relationships. We greatly value personal contact, nurturing relationships and clear communication. By always honouring agreements, keeping the client informed and supplying products of the quality you would expect from us, we establish the strong working relationships that are so important to both us and our clients. After all, when you care about something, you treat it with respect.

We work with respect for one another, our clients, our colleagues and our partners. We value the opinions of our colleagues, we regularly socialise together and we involve one another in everything we do to reach our common goals. We also invest in long-term relationships with our suppliers and aim for win-win situations.

By making efficient use of materials, carefully separating waste flows and recycling materials as much as possible, Lab Services reduces costs while minimising our impact on the environment. With us, sustainability and environmental awareness go hand in hand.

Our concern for those around us goes beyond our employees and clients. The society we are part of also plays an important role. After all, we demand a lot from our planet, its resources and our people. This is why we are committed to giving something back by supporting local organisations and charities. In this way, as well as being a stable employer and a reliable manufacturer for our clients, we make an important contribution to society.  

Each year, we identify new ways of raising awareness of and contributing to these topics. We have the capacity to truly make a difference, and we make sure we do! 

At Lab Services, we are convinced that we can make a real difference for the environment and society by working together.