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Flexibility and Service

Written by Noëlle PetersMarketing manager

Breda, 15 February 2023
It is ubiquitous in the market! Lab automation is constantly being ramped up. Technological innovations are being introduced in quick succession and tools are being updated and adapted to the current standard. But it does not stop there, as these developments are accompanied by growing demand to integrate these innovative products to enable all objectives to be fulfilled and above all to keep being fulfilled.

At Lab Services we still have platforms that we installed prior to the year 2000 in the market today. These platforms continue to do their job every day but have been evolving in recent years to keep pace with current standards, making them ready to transition towards whatever the future might hold, including more, newer technologies.

Platforms that are dependent on a tool are not future-proof and have a short life cycle.

Which is precisely why you should go for a fully independent integrator who will still be by your side contributing expertise and fulfilling your needs each and every day even after 20+ years have passed. And who will ensure that the platforms and their on-board tools will deliver flawless performance day in, day out. This will add value to your lab and not just speed, efficiency and sustainability.

It is only natural to want to use the best, fastest and most reliable technologies available at any given time when spending more than two decades working with a platform of which the maximum is expected.

Independently, plots prove to be the most important pillar when it comes to remaining in the vanguard. And tools are revealed to be just tools that support a new technology but if something new comes along tomorrow, then yesterday is the past and today has already been superseded.

And that is where Lab Services makes the difference! We have an unparalleled understanding of the essence and utilisation of our platforms. Hence right from the outset in our platform development process we factor in the possibilities in terms of expanding, updating or innovating platforms to accommodate future usage. 

However, the only way to ensure that these platforms continue to satisfy the current high standards is to provide customers with proper aftercare post-installation. Our focus is not solely on fulfilling technical requirements with innovative equipment, you see. The picture would be incomplete without our first-rate service on these platforms. On both the platforms installed 20 years ago and the most recent, updated or expanded systems. A total solution ensuring that you, the customer, can continue to reap the benefits each day of a platform that is future-proof and reliable and will dovetail seamlessly with the rapid rise in innovations.

Which is why we at Lab Services will continuously build a partnership with you that will enable you to perform optimally day in, day out. And not just for one day but for decades.