Written by Lisa RoozendaalContent Creator

Breda, 28 June 2023
Renas is studying to be first engineer mechatronics at the Summa college in Eindhoven. He has spent the past six months as a trainee in our workshop, and in that way has gained more work experience in the field of installation and mechatronics. He has shared his experiences below. Renas, the floor is yours!

“During my internship, I spent time constructing and installing platforms, from start to finish. The most attractive thing about my internship at Lab Services was the wide variety of tasks that I was allowed to carry out within my area of interest. I was given the chance to perform many different activities relating to mechatronics, which made my work very exciting. In addition, I also really like travelling, and Lab Services is an international company where you often have to visit other countries for work purposes. For instance, I was allowed to visit customers and help to set up platforms.”

Lab Services wants students to become familiar with the widest possible range of different activities in their personal area of interest. This will allow us to prepare them as effectively as possible for their working lives.

“I am truly passionate about robots. I work and study in a field that I have always wanted to be part of. I want to learn as much as possible about robots, from the basics to the cutting edge. I also developed a new skill during my internship, namely learning to work with metal. It is great that Lab Services gives you the opportunity to learn whatever you want, even if these activities are not part of your internship.”

We allow students to actually implement the knowledge they learn at school. This then comes to life in practice, and you learn to translate your knowledge into skills that are useful in real life situations.

“My biggest challenge during the internship was working autonomously. At school, we mainly focused on theoretical knowledge, while everything was practice-oriented here. I was not accustomed to working so autonomously. I sometimes encountered issues and thought that I couldn't go any further, but you eventually see that you have the skills to continue, and that is a great feeling.”

Lab Services is continuously focusing on the future. Investing in our trainees means investing in the society of the future.

“I am motivated by the idea of creating a better future. I believe that technology can play a very big role in this. Technology will help us to realise new discoveries and developments. By working with robotisation, I can work on a better future for myself and others. I'm not quite sure about the specific area of robotisation that I want to be involved in. However, during my internship, I have acquired a lot of new information about the laboratory industry and the accompanying equipment. The laboratory world also seems like an interesting and publicly relevant sector, in which I would like to develop further.”

Besides teaching our trainees new skills and knowledge, we also think it is very important to offer a nice working environment.

“I have really enjoyed my time here, met some nice people, and established some valuable connections. I have gained experience when it comes to networking, which will also be useful in my later career.”