Laboratory automation Lab Services

Written by Arjan HofmanCEO

Breda, 1 February 2019
Almost two years have passed since Ferry de Vugt and I acquired Lab Services from former owner and company ambassador Marcel Mossou.

We have been busy during those two years. Lab Services has grown tremendously and really taken off in recent years. Obviously, strong growth always puts our standards and values at risk. As we stated at the time of the acquisition, one of our key objectives is to maintain a high degree of flexibility, in combination with the accessible and low-threshold nature of our organisation. The brand-independent character of Lab Services must remain a high priority.

We have adapted the organisation structure in order to safeguard these core values.

The growth of Lab Services has also led to physical bottlenecks. For example, we physically outgrew our building during the past half year. Thanks to a new head office, we are now truly ready for the future.

Interaction between customers and Lab Services is a key area of focus within the core values of Lab Services. Because we want to satisfy all areas of market demand, keeping in touch with the market at every opportunity is hugely important. Obviously, social media play an important role here. However, they will never replace face-to-face contact. So I continually encourage the team at Lab Services to engage in intense interaction in all kinds of disciplines. Obviously, the current and future environmental requirements mean that we will need to be creative in our approach. A challenge that we welcome.

When designing the new location, we decided to adopt an open structure. In addition to free office space for customers, we have also set up open-plan production islands. These production islands are flexibly laid out and as open as possible to allow well-organised construction and development processes. During our Technology Days, we enjoy taking visitors on a tour of our world of integration. But the opportunity of interacting more closely on all kinds of issues is perhaps even more important. I would like to invite you to visit us and hope to welcome you soon at our new headquarters.

I am looking forward to this dynamic opportunity to come up with even better ideas together and take our collaboration to the next level.