AusDiagnostics and BioTools
AusDiagnostics and BioTools join forces to boost production capacity

Written by Noelle PeetersMarketing Manager

Breda, 17 August 2022
Together, they have partnered with the aim to increase support to customers and better safeguard the supply chain even more by bringing together laboratory automation and quality-assuring processes. 

With the expertise of Lab Services – the number one independent integrator and developer of innovative systems to automate standardized processes in laboratories – a flexible, high speed and accurate platform was developed for AusDiagnostics.  

By automating the manual sealing process, a higher throughput was created – and this has resulted in a much faster supply of plates to customers.  

“The resulting growth in manufacturing capacity ensures that AusDiagnostics, a leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing multiplexing molecular diagnostic assays and reagents, can deliver increased service, quality and expertise to customers,” says Stefan Poppelaars, Project Manager at Lab Services. “Through a great threefold cooperation, we were able to successfully install and test the automation platform at the AusDiagnostics site in Australia,” he says. “An extra thank you to our distributor BioTools – without them this important collaboration would not have been realised.”  

AusDiagnostics Chief Operating Officer, says the solution has boosted productivity dramatically. “Most importantly, the significant decrease in manual handling enables our manufacturing scientists to focus on other technical tasks or projects,” she says. “We constantly strive to innovate and improve processes and this new level of automation has produced significant time savings – what previously required up to a month to complete can now be achieved in closer to one week. The PlateButler from Lab Services has given us an effective and scalable solution to support our sustained company growth.”

About Lab Services
Since 1992, Lab Services has been developing and selling as an independent expert in the field of laboratory automation, innovative products that can be widely used for various global markets and applications. Lab Services integrates and develops unique systems to automate standardized processes in laboratories. For this integration they are brand independent and use their own software, PlateButler! The company provides a unique and advanced solution for laboratory automation. For more information, visit:

About AusDiagnostics
AusDiagnostics Pty Ltd is a leading international company that designs, manufacturers, and markets a comprehensive suite of multiplexing molecular diagnostic assays and reagents. Founded in August 2006, AusDiagnostics also supports robotic instruments for in vitro diagnostics in medical, veterinary, and applied testing. The company serves global customers through offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In 2018, AusDiagnostics opened a manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom to support the supply of products to its growing network of customers and distribution partners in more than 25 countries. For more information, visit:

About BioTools
BioTools is Australian owned and provides innovative tools to Life Sciences, Medical Research, Pathology, Diagnostic and other industry partners. BioTools focuses on delivering laboratory workflow solutions for Liquid Handling, Automation and Integration Solutions, Biospecimen Sample Inventory and Management, Colony Picking, as well as Tube Labelling & Filling processes. We provide solutions for many fields of sciences including Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology and Synthetic Biology.