Software Escrow certificate: a warranty for your software

Besides developing our PlateButler® Robotic systems, we find continuation of our software equally important. Mainly for that reason we filed the source codes of our in-house developed PlateButler® software at the IT notary and had it certified by Software Borg. Inclusion in the Software Borg System is only possible if the software meets a high-quality standard. Should any circumstances occur where Lab Services cannot maintain or develop the source-code anymore, the licensees are guaranteed to receive the code of their software package.
The Software Borg Foundation Certificate warrants that:

  • prior to filing the source code, it is checked for completeness and usefulness under supervision of a certified computer expert
  • prior to issuing the certificate, the latest version has been filed with the source code of the software to the IT Notary
  • a Software Borg Agreement has been concluded to secure the use of the software for licensees
  • Software Borg  provides a new seal after every annual filing
In short, we guarantee many years of using our software expertise and know-how. For more information, please contact us
Key features
  • Warranty for the PlateButler® future, including licence warranty
  • Notarial registration and filing
  • Full reconstruction possible
  • Software Borg has a SAS 70 statement
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