PlateButler® PlateHotels: Flexible Solutions for Ambient Robot-friendly Storage

The PlateButler® PlateHotel provides ambient robot-friendly storage with easy plate loading facility and is known for the optimal use of the available bench top capacity. The newly designed PlateButler® PlateHotel is available as a Stacked or Random Access hotel.

The PlateHotel Stacked has a loading capacity of approximately 50 microplates and is carried out with doors for easy loading from the back, maintaining the front of the hotel accessible for the robot. The PlateHotel Stacked is detachable and can be loaded someplace else if necessary. Loading is easy. Just remove the hotel from the base plate, load it and click it back in its place. To save loading time, order an extra set of PlateHotels to load them, whilst your system is running. It is available in two heights, approximately 40cm or 75cm, corresponding with the height of the robot (e.g. PF 400 or PF 750).

The PlateHotel Random Access has as major advantage that it can have any height as necessary, as long as it is reachable for the robot, saving bench top surface by leaving out an additional hotel. The desired distance between the drawers is made to measure, ensuring the hotel is suitable for different plate types and -heights. The PlateHotel Random Access is available in two heights, approximatly 40cm or 75cm, corresponding with the height of the robot (e.g. PF 400 or PF 750).

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Key features
  • Easy operator loading
  • Deep well, tip racks, tube racks etc.
  • All SBS formats
  • All heights
  • With or without lids
  • Stacked or Random Access
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