Pharma robotics: robotics within the pharmaceutical market

Pharma robotics refers to the use of robots in the pharmaceutical market. At Lab Services we provide automated systems that can speed up research and development within, amongst others, the pharmaceutical industry.

As automation can be applied to various applications, we provide customized robotic systems to fit your laboratory. We are completely brand independent and offer integration with the best choice of equipment for you.

pharma robotics

What are the benefits of pharma robotics?

The use of automated robotic systems in the pharmaceutical industry has many advantages, such as the speed by which robots perform tasks. In addition, they can run for 24 hours a day without the flaw of human errors. These qualities make the use of robots an efficient, accurate and time-saving choice. 

Another advantage in relation to pharma robotics, offered by Lab Services specifically, are  service contracts. Which means that should any problem occur with your automated system, we are able to solve the problem as soon as possible. We offer two types of contracts: a full service contract, and a preventive service contract. The first is an extension of the first warranty year and  includes incidental services, preventative services and a 24-hour response period. 

The latter is a preventive service contract in which we offer standard tests and check-ups of the minimum requirements which reduces the chance of any interim repairs. 

Lab Services is completely brand-independent. We focus on the preferences, wishes and equipment of the client. Lab Services offers the best solution to all automation challenges!

Pharma robotics by Lab Services

In the rapidly changing pharmaceutical market, automation is of great importance . Lab Services is your brand-independent partner for automated robotic systems and laboratory equipment.  With our PlateButler® software we offer a unique and sophisticated solution for laboratory automation, to integrate microplate modules and robots. 

With PlateButler®, we realize unique robotic platforms for a step-by-step approach or to create a fully integrated workflow for different assays. In addition, if need be, we are able to develop custom-made HTS products to fulfill our clients' wishes. Lab Services provides high flexibility to optimize and customize your processes. With our unique in-house PlateButler® software we can satisfy all our clients' requirements and specifications.

However, we also keep the demand for intelligent automation of single machines in mind. In a constantly changing market, systems may run on device X one day, and device Y the next. This is why we have developed the Heron®: flexible, user-friendly and universal automation.

The Heron® is ideal for barcode printing and labelling, sealing, washing, dispensing, and plate reading. It is also capable of handling lids. Most importantly, the Heron’s® innovative design makes stacker adjustment for different rack heights a thing of the past. In short, the Heron® saves valuable hands-on time and is able to  for the fits almost any workbench within a laboratory.

Are you curious about what Lab Services and our automated robotic systems can do for your laboratory? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We would be glad to help your organization become more efficient and durable.
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