What is pharma automation?

Pharma automation: The use of clinical instruments that accommodate large sample throughput with minimal effort. Automated robotic systems are an important part of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma automation solutions, such as automated drug storage and Hit-picking robotic systems, are fundamental and essential in hospitals and clinics.

The pharmaceutical market is changing rapidly, and the opportunities within automated laboratory processes are  vast and becoming increasingly accessible.

pharma automation

The benefits of pharma automation

Pharmaceutical automation has many advantages. First of all, pharma automation can help reduce the possibilities of human errors. Secondly, pharma automation helps to reduce the number of steps that are involved in the production process, such as incubation transfers, data entry and other time-consuming tasks.

For example: developing a new medicine can take up to twelve years. Automation can speed up this process by identifying errors which can then be corrected quickly, saving precious time. Another advantage is that robotic systems are able to run 24 hours a day, which ensures a continuous process in which no valuable time is lost.

Pharma automation by Lab Services

Lab Services is your brand-independent partner for automated robotic systems. We focus on the preferences and wishes of the client. Robots play an important part in pharma automation. They can communicate with laboratory instruments on a large and small scale to augment the research. Experience has taught us that flexibility, speed and simplicity are essential for developing customized software. To meet this challenge, we have developed our software for high throughput automation: PlateButler®. We continue developing and improving the PlateButler®software in accordance with your needs. That's why we guarantee that you can continue using your robotic system in the future.

Pharma automation: Heron

There is also a demand for automation on a smaller scale with only one device. Therefore we developed Heron: a user-friendly, flexible and universal automated robotic system. The Heron® saves valuable hands-on time and is the perfect solution  with the smallest footprint.

Lab Services is  operating worldwide. Our PlateButler® and Heron product range is also available outside the Benelux. We have selected our distributors (located in France, the USA, and Japan) very carefully; all have in-depth knowledge in the field of laboratory automation. 

Robotics in pharmaceutical industry

The use of robots in the pharmaceutical industry has several benefits when it comes to efficiency and precision. Robots can perform tasks three to four times faster than humans and they can run 24 hours a day. This means that they can produce large quantities in a short space of time.

Automation in pharmaceutical industry by Lab Services

Are you curious about what Lab Services and our pharma automation systems can do for your laboratory? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We would be very happy to help your organization become more durable and efficient.
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