Are you looking for a laboratory automation company to make your lab become more sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly? Then Lab Services is the solution for you and your organization. We can provide you with a customized platform with lab equipment tailored to your needs, combined with our own software; PlateButler. Let us explain everything you need to know about Lab automation and our own software. 

What is lab automation?

With the automation of your lab, the execution of manual processes is replaced by technology, which optimizes your processes. Automated laboratory equipment can perform not only a complete workflow, but also individual process steps, such as pipetting. By following a standard procedure, your automated platform can ensure a high throughput, as well as accurate and reproducible results with consistent metadata. This improves the efficiency and compliance of your processes. 

The most widely used labware of lab automation is a laboratory robot. Since lab robots can work very precisely, have less errors, create a high throughput and work together with other lab instruments. Lab automation began in the 1950s and has grown throughout the decades. We create unique automated systems for laboratories in pharmaceutical, crop science and CRO markets based on their workflow and demand.

Laboratory automation companies: software

There is a great need for flexible software to enable researchers to create and run custom workflows as well as create reproducible results with consistent metadata. Because your lab is a shifting environment, the best lab management and info management is software that is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. That is where Lab Services can help. We have our own developed software: PlateButler®. 

PlateButler® robotic systems enable the integration of all kinds of automized instruments. As an independent specialist, we can develop adapted robotic systems based on your wishes and needs. If necessary, we manufacture parts ourselves. PlateButler® robotic systems are built with PlateButler® Software. We can integrate different kind of robots in a PlateButler® system. We mainly work with the latest SCARA robots to ensure integration, if necessary, in combination with XYZ robots. 

Benefits of lab automation

Lab automation has many benefits. For instance, lab automation saves countless hours and valuable resources. It can increase data reliability and possible errors can be detected more easily. Moreover, researchers can spend their valuable time analyzing results and creating new workflows. 

Laboratory automation companies: Lab Services

Are you curious how a laboratory automation company as Lab Services can help your organization with the best automation system to increase the efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy of your process? Please feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone or by filling in the contact form. We are glad to help your organization with a customized laboratory platform and our software!
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