Laboratory robots: the act of using robots in laboratories. Laboratory robots are used to transfer a biological of chemical sample from A to B. Laboratory robotic systems facilitates integration of various types of automatable instruments and can be used to automate processes in the fields of Pharma, Crop Science, CRO and Non SBS. Automation can be applied to various applications as each customized robotic system is developed to fit your laboratory. Lab Services is completely brand independent and able to offer dedicated integration with your best choice of equipment and robots.

What are the benefits of laboratory robots?

Laboratory robots and customized robotic systems have several great advantages. First of all, is the generating of high throughput. The use of robots increases the productivity in the lab as a robot can move much faster and more plates from A to B. As well as running 24 hours a day without the flaws of human errors. Resulting in much more time for researchers to focus on other parts like analyzing the results or starting new projects. Another advantage is the flexibility of being brand independent. An ability to fully focus on the wishes, equipment and preferences of the client. Offering the best solution to any automation challenge a client might have! As well as developing flexible solutions as systems may run on device X one day, and device Y the next. Automation is an important investment, especially in a constantly changing market where the demand for intelligent automation is on the rise.

Laboratory robots by Lab Services

Lab Services is your brand independent partner for integrated robot and laboratory equipment. The growth of the global society has created an important need for new developments in medicines and nutrition which increases the demand for research. By using our products, services and expertise, Lab Services ensures progressive innovation. As a result, our customers can make their development and research run faster and more efficiently while work more effectively.

We would like to inspire you with the best laboratory robotic solutions we have to offer, by developing custom automation systems.

Laboratory robots with PlateButler software

Since 1992, Lab Services is an independent expert in the field of laboratory automation for the Pharmaceutical, Crop Science, CRO and Non SBS market on a national and international level. We integrate and develop innovative systems and products to automate standardized processes for laboratories all over the world. Using our own flexible software PlateButler®, a unique and advanced solution for laboratory automation. Creating the best possible solution for your company and offering tools to make daily work easier, more flexible and more user-friendly with high quality, accuracy and service being of great importance.

Are you curious what Lab Services and robotic systems can do for your laboratory? Feel free to fill out our contact form. We are pleased to help your organization work more durable and efficiently.

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