Searching for a liquid handling platform? At Lab Services we value the impact of user-friendly devices and the high quality of your research. We believe it is important that research can be accelerated and improved. Because of this reason the CyBio Felix has been developed. The CyBio Felix is a very compact and flexible liquid handling platform for the precise processing of whole microplates in different volume ranges. This system has 12 deck positions on two levels for tube racks, reservoirs, magnetic bead adapters, shakers, microplate grippers, microplates, as well as other accessories, and is on the small footprint of only 650 x 450 mm (wxd). 

What is the CyBio Felix?

CyBio Felix is a flexible and fully automated pipetting platform used for sample preparation, cell application, or other pipetting routines. The CyBio Felix is used for the automation of almost every laboratory workflow. The system consists of a basic unit, with a unique two-level deck system, and also pipetting heads. These heads can automatically switch between different tools and instruments. 

Benefits of CyBio Felix

You can optimize your work process with CyBio Felix. We will explain the benefits below.
  • Saves costs. Using CyBio Felix can save your costs because the work is more accurate and faster. Researchers can focus on other tasks.
  • Saves time. CyBio Felix can save researchers lots of time. They can focus on more important tasks.
  • Saves space. CyBio Felix has a unique compact design, therefore it doesn't take up much space. This even makes it fit in a laminar airflow cabinet.

Key features of CyBio Felix at Lab Services

Are you interested in CyBio Felix? Lab Services can provide you with this platform. There are some key features of the CyBio Felix:
  • More precise results. There are different interchangeable pipetting heads available. The liquid handling adapters allow working in single wells, columns, and rows. The pickup of liquid handling adapters and tips is performed by the pipetting head without manual intervention.
  • Automatic change between single-channel, a column of row pipetting, and multichannel.
  • Convertible pipetting heads to configure CyBio Felix.
  • CyBio Felix's proven tip sealing technology combined with automatic tip change offers the highest accuracy and precision.
  • CHOICE patent-pending technology delivers a unique, wide volume range combined in one pipette head.

At Lab Services we have several consumables for CyBio Felix systems, such as pipetting tips, trays, and boxes. Are you curious about how Lab Services can provide you with lab automated solutions? Please feel free to fill out our contact form and we are glad to help your lab and research become more efficient and durable.
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