Do you want to make your lab more efficient or get more reliable results? At Lab Services we provide unique lab solutions. For example, we are specialized in laboratory automation and integration. Besides, we sell stand-alone equipment and consumables. In this article, we will explain everything about our unique lab solutions

Unique lab solutions: different markets

Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry, crop science market, CRO, or Non-SBS market, Lab Services has solutions to match your needs. We offer unique lab solutions for different markets. We will explain them below.


For many years now, Lab Services has been developing unique lab solutions. For instance, high-throughput systems to make workflows in the pharma market more efficient. With high-throughput systems, you can realize a larger-scale data analysis. 

Crop Science

In the Crop Science market, it is very important to keep up with the rapidly growing innovations. The higher-throughput systems for the Crop Science market are used for the science of plant diseases, pest control, and weeds for Crop Protection. 


We also have unique lab solutions for Contract Research Organizations. We offer the right solution for Contract Research Organizations. Every day, CROs design new projects and therefore it is important that traceability and data handling in combination with optimization works very well. With our own developed software PlateButler, we can realize small dedicated robotic work cells for a step-by-step approach or a fully integrated workflow. 


We also offer solutions in the non-SBS market. Adapting some instruments ensures that systems are suitable for other applications. With our in-house developed High-throughput systems we can help you automate your workflow or entire lab. 

Unique lab solutions: PlateButler

We have developed our own unique lab solutions; PlateButler is our own developed software: a unique and sophisticated solution for laboratory automation, to integrate microplate modules and robots. Experience taught us that flexibility, simplicity, and speed are important when it comes to software. We keep developing the PlateButler software as the market is rapidly changing. Therefore we can guarantee that you can use this software in the future. When it comes to the automation of one single device, we offer a unique solution. In this continuously moving market it could be device X one day, and device Y the other day. Therefore we developed Heron: a flexible, user-friendly, and universal lab automation solution. 

Unique lab solutions by Lab Services

By using our products, expertise, and devices Lab Services ensures innovation. As a result, our customers can make their research and development run faster, more efficiently, and more decisively to meet global needs. Are you curious about how Lab Services and our unique lab solutions can help your organization become more efficient and durable? Please feel free to fill out our contact form and we are happy to help you.
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