Lab Services is the perfect supplier for your new storage tubes. Storage tubes allow the safe and secure storing of samples for a multitude of applications. Do you need a specific storage tube? Lab Services offers storage tubes in varying capacities and materials, non-sterile and sterile, etc. Discover the benefits of using storage tubes and how they can improve your laboratory! 

Benefits of using storage tubes

Storage tubes have become absolutely indispensable in laboratories. The use of storage tubes for your process has several benefits:
  • Storage tubes offer better inventory control;
  • Improve your product protection and shorten valuable production times;
  • Save space in your laboratory with our storage tubes.

Storage tubes at Lab Services

The infinite possible applications for long-term storage of biomaterials in microliter-scale are constantly growing. Do you want to store large quantities of small samples for research purposes? Then there are several requirements for the samples to be used. The priority is the best possible preservation of the sample. When storing the samples, 3 things must be guaranteed: identifiability, safety and space-saving storage. Lab Services guarantees these high-quality storage tubes. 

At Lab Services we provide the SAFE 2D Barcoded Tubes in different shapes and sizes.The 2D tubes offer a large range of 2D coded tubes which are suitable for storage up to -196 degrees Celsius! The product range also includes the necessary technical infrastructure such as scanners. These tubes have a great advantage as they have external threads in the 96 SBS format. This means these tubes are space-saving. Depending on the application, the risks of cross-contamination can be minimized. Which is another amazing advantage of the tubes with external threads.These storage tubes are automation and user-friendly and, suitable for SBS format racks. 

Lab Services

The growth of global society has created a significant need for new developments in nutrition and medicines which increases the demand for research. We ensure progressive innovation when you use our products. Lab Services is your brand independent partner and can provide the most suitable solution for your issue. Curious about what Lab Services and our offered range of storage tubes can do for your laboratory to increase the efficiency of your processes? Fill in our contact form. We love to help you make your organization more sustainable and efficient!
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