There are different robotic systems that you can add to your production line. For example, there are manipulation systems, mobile robotic systems, and data acquisition and control robotic systems. All these systems help to increase the throughput and reduce human errors and time consuming manual labor. In this article, we will dive deeper into the different types of robotic systems and how Lab Services can provide your lab with the best systems and our own unique software. 

What are robotic systems?

Robotic systems are used in almost every production process these days. From industrial to farming and laboratories. These systems are designed to gain a higher workflow/throughput, reduce human errors and gain more reliable data. So, do you want to make your organization become more sustainable? Then Lab Services is your supplier of fully customized robotic system with its own software. 

Manipulation robotic system

Manipulation robotic systems come in many forms, depending mainly on their application. This system is the most commonly used in the manufacturing industry. They can perform different functions, such as material handling, welding, and material removal applications. 

Mobile robotic systems

A mobile robotic system is mostly an automated platform that can carry goods from one place to another. The motion of this system can also have a pre-programmed destination from where the system might load or unload automatically.

These systems are mostly used in industrial processes for carrying tools and spare parts to storage. But mobile systems are also used in the farming industry. They can be used for pulling equipment to plough fields or for transporting products. Besides, mobile robotic systems are used in gas production companies and salvage companies. The mobility of these robots can be in the form of swimming, running on land, or flying. 

Data acquisition and control robotic systems

These robotic systems are used for processing, transmitting, and acquiring important data. Generally meant for activities that require less human participation. These systems are mostly used for CAD systems used in engineering and business processes. 

PlateButler robotic systems

At Lab Services we can provide fully automated robotic systems with our own unique PlateButler® software. These systems facilitate the integration of various types of automatable instruments. If you seek a custom robotic system we can develop a customized robotic system, made to fit your laboratory. We also have the resources to manufacture parts ourselves if that is required. All of our robotic systems are built using our own PlateButler® software.  

Key features of the PlateButler® robotic system

Our robotic systems have several key features, we will explain them below:
  • Sophisticated dashboard for easy-reference system status checks.
  • Easy to program.
  • Multiple robotic systems can be operated from one PC.
  • No limitations regarding different system components or brands.

Lab Services

Lab Services is your brand independent partner. Are you curious about what our unique software and systems can do for your lab? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We are glad to help your organization become more sustainable and efficient.
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