Robot systems are worldwide used systems. They are, for example, used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Let us explain more about automated robotic solutions and what the benefits are of a robot system in your lab.

Robot systems: what is it?

Robot systems are systems that provide and generate intelligent information and services by interacting with their environment, through the use of various sensors, human interfaces, and actuators. 

Benefits of robot systems

Robot systems have several benefits. We will explain them below.
  • Increased productivity: robots can turn your production into a high throughput platform by performing tasks more sophisticated and faster.
  • Consistency: robots always perform tasks in exactly the same way, which also improves the consistency of results and products.
  • Reducing downtime: compared to an employee, a robot can run 24 hours a day and does not need to take breaks.
  • Greater flexibility: robots, or in this case our PlateButler® software, are easy to program. The software makes it possible to perform various tasks in a short amount of time and to react quickly to changes. In addition, the customer can set up their own protocols.
  • Faster time-to-market: robots can help the industries to carry out tests and trials, allowing the R&D department to do its job faster. This allows new products to be introduced to the market more quickly.

Robot system applications

Pick and place
Pick-and-place is simply picking up and moving items. This can be products that have to be brought from one device to another for further processing.
Inspection is a tough task for employees because they have to be highly concentrated during their work. An error in the inspection can have fatal consequences for pharmaceutical companies. Robots can offer a solution here because they can work extremely consistently.
Dosing is a task is often associated with automated robot systems in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Although it is not the robot who is dispensing/dosing, it is the automation software that makes it possible. 

As you can see, there are many possibilities to implement automation by means of robots. In addition, there are more options in addition to the applications described above. Lab Services can help you find the best solution for your integrated robot systems. 

Robot systems by Lab Services

At Lab Services we can provide total lab automation solutions. The integration of robot systems can offer so many opportunities due to a high degree of efficiency and increased throughput. At Lab Services we developed our own software: PlateButler®. This software is the highest quality, accurate and flexible solution for laboratory automation, resulting in high throughput and thus speeding up the collecting process of data points and results. All to improve efficiency.  

Do you want to know more about Lab Services and what our unique software and robot systems can do for your lab? Feel free to fill out our contact form or contact us directly via email: We are happy to help your laboratory become more sustainable and efficient!
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