What is qpcr?

Quatitative PCR is one of the most widely used diagnostic tests for detecting pathogens, including different viruses, such as Ebola and COVID-19. A quantitative polymerase chain reaction is a molecular biology technique based on PCR. Quantitative detection of PCR products is possible because of the inclusion of a fluorescent reporter molecule in each reaction that yields increased fluorescence with a raised quantity of amplicons. The fluorescence chemistries used for this process include DNA-binding dyes or fluorescently labeled probes. This technique allows scientists to see results while the experiment is running.

QPCR principle: how does quantitative PCR work?

By directly detecting the DNA or RNA of the pathogen, real-time PCR enables early and highly specific diagnosis, thus facilitating rapid and selective treatment of the individual patient. After DNA or RNA isolation, target DNA fragments are amplified and, if present, detected with fluorescent hydrolysis probes. The fluorescent signal increases with the number of amplicons formed, which are detected by the optical unit of a qPCR instrument.

The advantages of quantitative PCR

Quantititave PCR has many advantages:
  • One of the primary advantages is the power to identify amplified fragments during the process.
  • Fluorescent signal increase is measured after each cycle giving an accurate curve of the amplication.
  • The entire real-time PCR process, from amplification to analysis, is performed in the same tube. This prevents potential contamination

Real-time PCR principle: by Lab Services

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