Fully Automatic Heat Seal- and Laser-Tube-Cutting-System
Designed for: SAFE® Tube Racks

  • Fully automated Heat sealing and Laser Tube Cutting System
  • Designed for Samplosophy® tube racks
  • Aluminium foil allows storage at temperatures down to at least –80°C
  • Laser cutting for 96 tubes, in single rows or columns only
  • Customisation of applications and cut profiles upon request (circular or square)
  • Tube racks can be pre-scored, leaving minimal seal thickness to reduce tip/probe piercing pressures
  • Tubes can be individualised to allow random access in any format. This also allows seal or cut-only processing
  • Non-adjustable tube rack heights ranging from 7 to 48 mm
  • Inbuilt touch panel, PC-based, GUI-controlled
  • Also available as integrated version
  • Plates can be re-sealed and re-pierced multiple times
  • Minimal heat transfer from laser
  • Uses latest fibre laser technology for long process life
  • Runs with compressed air control system (5.5 bar at 70 LPM)
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