Peelable foil laminate for polypropylene plates

Features: Foil laminate, good liquid barrier, moderate solvent resistance, peelable (from -80°C freezer), non-pierceable.
Compatibility: Polypropylene (PP) plates.
Seal integrity range: -80°C to 110°C.
Application: PCR, low temperature, short term compound storage, short term room temperature compound storage (less than 5 days).
Apply these Seals with the following Equipment:
* Efly, Kseal, 4s2
** Wasp, Thermo ALPS300/3000, Kube, Flexiseal, Chameleon, REMP (PHS)
*** Agilent VII Plateloc, REMP (LHS/SHS)
Key features
  • Foil laminate
  • Good liquid barrier
  • Moderate solvent resistance
  • Peelable (from -80°C freezer)
  • Non-pierceable
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