Yes, they look different. Wait until you see how they feel.

And how they help every ergonomic concern.

Ovation® BioNatural Pipettes don’t look anything like traditional pipettes. If they did, they’d be as un-ergonomic as other pipettes! This new design revolutionizes the concept of liquid transfer by specifically reducing the major stresses that cause pain and fatigue, and encourages ergonomically correct postures at every pipetting step. In fact, Ovation is the only pipette designed to keep your hand in the neutral position recommended by ergonomic experts.
Ovation pipettes are easy to hold and use without over-rotation of your wrist or hand — minimizing pressure in the carpal tunnel and to the median nerve. The non-axial “low profile” design also doesn’t require repetitive lifting or reaching with your arm — so you can work for hours without tension in the shoulder or elbow. The ergonomic result? Significantly reduced discomfort, fatigue, and injuries commonly caused by pipetting!

The perfect combination of performance and simplicity.

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