Cytomat™ 2 C-LiN Series Automated Incubators

Ensure a safe, reproducible process, unsurpassed temperature uniformity and stability with the next-generation mid-range Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 2 C-LiN series automated incubator for cell culture applications and storage.

This incubator is available in various temperature ranges and gate positions for hand-off to the lab automation robot. The device can be seamlessly integrated with a mean access time of 12 sec. 

As the first-generation mid-capacity automated incubator with a fully automated thermal decontamination and optional controlled humidity, the Cytomat 2 C-LiN series is designed to significantly decrease the risk of contamination as a new standard.

In addition, it is available with a shaking option which is the only solution that provides true orbital shaking. It is ideal for applications requiring sample agitation and cells that need to be kept in suspension.
Key features
  • Temperature ranges: 4 to 25°C, 4 to 50°C (70°C), RT+10°C up to 50°C
  • CO2 control
  • O2-control 1-21 % (N2-supply) or 5-90% - option
  • ContraCon decontamination routine
  • Hydra-Smart technology option (controlled humidity)
  • External water reservoir option
  • 12 second access time
  • Internal and direct barcode reader (option)
  • Solid copper chamber option
  • Up to 6 different gate positions
  • TRUE orbital shaking option
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