Cytomat 10 Hotel

Fast and reliable plate and tip storage module. This automated storage module has been designed for integration into computer-aided automation systems that have a high logistical requirement for labware of varying heights. The closed storage module keeps your labware as clean as possible during long term operations. The design of the access point allows the loading and unloading of labware of various heights -even up to 5ml tip boxes.
Key features
  • Up to 210 µplates capacity (96/384 wells –system suitable to handle deep well plates and all types of tip boxes)
  • Random plate access
  • Plate park position sensor (P3-Sensor)
  • Easy setup
  • Temperature range: <5°over ambient (during continuous operation)
  • Access time: <10 s with barcode scan< 9s without barcode scan
  • Fast stacker access through main gate
  • Various transfer positions
  • Lab space saving through vertically-sliding main door
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