Cytomat™ 10 C and 10 C450 Automated Wide-Range Incubator

Designed to fit into the busiest of cell biology or screening laboratories, Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 10 C450 wide temperature range incubator and storage unit is the ideal solution for high capacity incubation (210 SBS microplates) of primary cell or cell line cultures with a wide temperature application range combined with 4°C storage in addition to a dedicated 37°C (ambient +10°C to 50°C) device with CO2 as standard. This automated incubator can be seamless integrated with existing automated assay hardware and provides a fast plate access time less than 10 seconds combined with controlled humidity (up to 98% rH).

As the first generation of automated incubator with a fully automated thermal decontamination system, the Cytomat 10 is designed to significantly decrease the risk of contamination and reduce assay variability. Additionally, multiple transfer positions and an under-bench version allow flexible incubator placement within the laboratory.
Key features
  • Temperature ranges: 4 to 25°C, 4 to 50°C (70°C), RT+10°C up to 50°C
  • CO2 control
  • O2-control 1-21 % (N2-supply) or 5-90% - option
  • Hydra-Smart technology (controlled humidity)
  • External water reservoir
  • ContraCon automated decontamination routine
  • 10 second access time
  • Solid copper chamber option
  • Up to 12 different gate positions
  • Internal and direct barcode reader (option)
  • Matches your Capacity with 10 Stacker: 1536-well plates, 210pcs. 96-well or 384-well plates, 150pcs. transwell or insert plates, 100pcs. deep-well, further stacker types on request
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