microplate robot is an instrument that is indispensable in many laboratories. Microplate robots significantly increase sample throughput and decrease the time to produce results. In this article, we will explain the benefits of a microplate robot and what its use can bring to your laboratory. 

What is a microplate robot?
A microplate robot is also known as a microplate handler and can transfer microtiter plates in three-dimensional space from one location to another. Microplate robots are common in labs that process many microplates per week. For example, high throughput screening labs in pharmaceutical or crop science industries use these robots to increase their workflows.Early microplate robots were very clumsy devices as industrial robots served as a basis. Today's robots are more refined, user friendly and better suited to do their job. 

Benefits of a microplate robot
The use of a microplate robot improves your workflows. By automating the manual work, it is no longer time-consuming, giving researchers more time and space to analyze results faster and better. As well as human errors being reduced. Another benefit is the increase of the throughput. The processing of plates by means of a microplate robot is many times faster, so that research can be carried out more efficiently. Resulting in more research and gaining data in less time.  

Microplate robot by Lab Services

It is easy to automate your workflow with microplate robots with the use of our own developed software called PlateButler®. We provide microplate robots of high quality and accuracy, that are easy to use. Our robotics are well suited for a wide range of research fields, like drug discovery, biotechnology, and cell culture. 

Lab Services designs and builds unique and customized platforms to automate standard processes in laboratories. We think it is important that microplate robots provide a user-friendly experience. We achieve this by using our own software, called PlateButler®. We believe flexible and user-friendly software is of the essence. Therefore, we keep developing the software at all times, so we can guarantee futureproof software. 

Besides being an integrator of complete modular platforms and high throughput systems, we are also a supplier of a wide range of innovative tools, like washers, dispensers, pipettes, etc. 

Are you curious about what Lab Services and microplate robots can do for your lab? Lab Services is your brand independent partner for lab automation so please feel free to fill out our contact form. We are glad to help your laboratory become more sustainable and efficient.
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