laboratory robot is a robot that is being used in different kind of labs to move samples around. A laboratory robot can be used to completely automate the process of science. Laboratory processes are suited for robotic automation because the processes consist of repetitive movements, such as shaking, testing, and mixing. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about laboratory robots and how Lab Services can help your organization become more durable with laboratory robots. 

Benefits of a laboratory robot

More and more laboratories are integrating automated robots into their laboratory. Researchers can perform more tests and achieve results with fewer resources and time. The use of laboratory robots has several benefits, we will explain them below: 

#1 Reduced errors

One of the biggest benefits is the reduction of error. Human errors are significant risks in any laboratory, such as pipetting precise quantities of samples. A laboratory robot can assist with this task, as they are programmed with a workflow that is designed to reduce errors in all steps of the process. 

#2 Increased productivity

Lab work processes involve repetitive protocols and motions which can decrease the productivity of lab staff. By using laboratory robots, scientists can focus on other tasks, such as analyzing results, and setting up new projects. Staff can even program the robots to perform tasks while they are away.  

An automated laboratory robot can complete tasks like sample labeling and microplate handling. Most laboratory robots work on software. By using software and lab robots together the productivity can be increased. At Lab Services we developed our own software, PlateButler®. Our holy grail of dynamic and static scheduling. Flexibility, simplicity and quickly are the key features for this unique and advanced solution for laboratory automation 

#3 Space and cost savings

Another important benefit of laboratory robots is cost reduction. These robots can also reduce waste as they are more efficient and accurate in using reagents. 

#4 Safety

Labs have strict protocols to protect equipment and the staff. However, accidents still happen for different reasons. By using lab robots, accidents can be prevented. For instance, safety limits can be set that will trigger an alarm. As well as the option to add safety curtains, lasers, etc. Therefore, you can program the software to stop the process automatically.Humans get tired and make mistakes and cause accidents. A laboratory robot doesn't get tired or makes mistakes. Safety is one of the most important benefits of using laboratory robots. 

#5 Customizable laboratory robots with PlateButler®

Lab robots are widely customizable with software to suit any lab. At Lab Services we can provide customized robotic systems, made to fit your lab. If necessary, we will manufacture the parts ourselves. A wide range of robots can be integrated into our PlateButler® software. We work mostly with the latest SCARA-robots if necessary combined with XYZ robots. 

Laboratory robots by Lab Services

Are you curious about what Lab Services and laboratory robots with our own unique software can do for your lab? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We are glad to help become your organization become more efficient and durable.
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