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Due to numerous global causes the need for more research across various fields has increased over the past years. Laboratory automation and laboratory automation software is able to support these developments by aiding in, and speeding up processes within, research across rapidly changing markets. Lab Services is your brand-independent partner for automated robotic systems and laboratory automation. Lab Services offers customized robotic system solutions with our own PlateButler software to fit your requirements and laboratory.

As Lab Services is brand-independent, our laboratory automation software is compatible with all brands and makes of instruments.

What is laboratory automation software? 

Nowadays, in, automated laboratories it is important to instantaneously have access to a reliable overview of the status of one’s laboratory system. The features of laboratory automation software have evolved over the years because the needs have evolved rapidly as well. Laboratory automation software allows you to effectively manage samples and generate data. Every system that is integrated is managed by our software. We at Lab Services have created our own unique software, in order to meet all your needs and requirements. With our laboratory automation software you can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and generate information.

What is the solution by Lab Services

Lab Services offers unique, custom made laboratory automation solutions. Our unique and sophisticated PlateButler laboratory automation software integrates microplate modules and robots. One of the key advantages is that the software is compatible with all brands and makes of instruments. It has been developed without compromising technical capabilities, and designed to support future improvements and requests from users. We ensure that our software is always up to date and that feedback is taken into account in its development and design.

Lab automation scheduling software

If you use PlateButler software, it will be easier to compare the results from different runs as all samples are treated equally, as well as being able to provide reliable results more quickly. Besides this, the laboratory automation software of Lab Services has many excellent features: Acceleration: able to initiate thousands of reactions in only a few hours.

What are the benefits of laboratory automation software?

Laboratory automation software has several benefits. We will explain them below:
  • A dashboard view to see your system's status at a glance.
  • We provide a throughput calculation from sequence programming.
  • An automated runtime calculation with self-learning admission time.
  • Modular architecture.
  • Self-adapting sequences based on the time-limiting system components.
  • Easy programming through plate path with drag and drop.
  • A real-time Dynamic Scheduler.
  • Implement software with multiple robotic systems on just one computer.
  • Provide a clear overview of your device's status.
  • We adapt our software according to your needs, offering a high level of versatility.
  • Our software is compatible with all brands and makes of instruments.

Laboratory automation software: Lab Services

We provide our clients with automation solutions that aid in speeding up processes within their research which lead to overall quicker developments. Curious about what Lab Services and our unique laboratory automation software can do for your laboratory? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We will be glad to help your organization become more sustainable and efficient with our automation solutions.
Laboratory automation software
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