Laboratory automation platform:

Similar to the rapidly changing technological developments, the opportunities within automated laboratory processes are endlessly and increasingly accessible. Automated platforms are becoming a vital part of the lab. In this article, we will explain what laboratory automated platforms are and how a laboratory automation platform can improve your research.

What is a laboratory automation platform?

Lab automation platforms are platforms that assay large numbers of samples with minimal human intervention. Automation can be used on a small or large scale, depending on the different steps in the workflow. Most laboratory automation platforms run on customized software.The professionals working in a lab are mostly academic researchers, scientists, and engineers who conduct research. Whereas lab automation specialists develop new technologies to increase productivity and data quality while reducing lab process cycle times which frees up time for new experimentations or research. With laboratory automation platforms this becomes reality.

Platforms play an important part in laboratory automation and due to the specialized software it can communicate with many lab instruments on a small or large scale to increase the efficiency of the research.

Laboratory automation platforms: why do we need them?

Laboratory automation platforms will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research by speeding up the process. This results in less running costs. Also, the time gain when laboratory automation platforms are being used is a great benefit. Now researchers have much more time to focus on other parts like analyzing the results or continue with other projects.Using automated platforms can also increase data reliability, as a potential error can be detected more easily. Besides that, laboratory automation platforms are also designed to work safely side by side. Several safety barriers are developed on the platform to guarantee the safety of the researchers as well as a dynamic force detection of the robot. Resulting in inherently safe platforms and robots that can be deployed without shielding without slowing down.

Laboratory automation platforms with their software

Whether you work within the Crop Science, CRO, non-sbs, and Pharmaceutical market, Lab Services can provide the best laboratory platform, because we have our own developed software; PlateButler®. Based on your needs and the developments in the market, we continue developing the PlateButler® software. Our experience learned us that simplicity, speed and simplicity are essential. That's the reason why we developed our own flexible PlateButler® software. This software is the upmost fit for your laboratory.

Because there is also an increasing demand for the automation on a smaller scale we developed the automated solution: Heron. This is a user-friendly and flexible solution on a smaller scale, perfectly suited to automate one or two devices in your lab.

Are you curious how Lab Services can help you and your laboratory become more efficient with our automated laboratory platforms? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We are more than happy to help you! 
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