Lab pipettes are a commonly used laboratory tool in biology, chemistry, and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, like a media dispenser. Lab Services has pipettes in several designs for various purposes, with different levels of precision and accuracy: from single piece glass pipettes to more complex adjustable or electronic pipettes. Most pipette types work by creating a partial vacuum above the liquid-holding chamber and releasing this vacuum to dispense liquid. At Lab Services we have several hand pipettes and pipette controllers for the best results in your lab. In this article we will explain what different kinds of lab pipettes we have. 

Pipette types

ali-Q 2 Pipet Controllers

These new pipette controllers make aliquoting faster and easier. There is no need to monitor the graduation lines because a repeat pipetting function is now offered with these pipettes. With this device, you can work very precisely, and the controller is very lightweight, so you can pipette repeatedly without fatigue. These controllers are compatible with all sizes and brands, but you can achieve the best results with the Wobble-not pipettes. 

Ovation BioNatural Pipette

These pipettes do not look like traditional pipettes. This design reduces major stress that causes pain and fatigue, and encourages ergonomically correct postures in every step. The Ovation pipette is the only one designed to keep your hand in a neutral position, which is recommended by ergonomic experts. It is easy to hold and you do not over-rotate your hand or wrist. 

Wobble-not lab pipettes

There is no pipette comparable to the Wobble-not: it is the best in class in both performance and ergonomics. Achieve maximum stability (no wobble) and less dripping with this new design.  

ali-Q Pipet Controller

This pipette controller is excellent for repeat pipetting. It ensures more repeatability and better accuracy. The controller is also available as a Low aliquoting (LS) version. This device is suitable if you have to work with more sensitive cell lines. Select this when you need gentler multi-dispensing. 

LClipTip Pipetting Systems

This is a device with a pipetting system that can lock tips firmly into place so they will not become loose or fall off, regardless of the application pressure. This ensures that you do not have banging tips on your pipette. These lab pipettes are properly attached and sealed. 

Lab pipettes by Lab Services

Do you need lab pipettes or other lab equipment for your laboratory? Or do you need advice about which equipment fits your lab best? Lab Services would be happy to help you and make your organization more sustainable and efficient. Please fill out our contact form to get in touch. 
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