Lab integration can remove manual efforts. Automatic systems and smart workflows can reduce human errors and makes sure you work more efficiently. 

The increased need for scientists to optimize and integrate their labs is causing technology to develop at a rapid pace. 

How do you increase your throughput and get more reliable data? It starts with lab integration, such as intelligent systems and smart workflows which can remove manual efforts. In this article, we will answer all your questions about lab integration and why it is important for your organization. 

Benefits of lab integration

The integration of different automated lab systems and lab software has several benefits. We will explain them below.
  • Increased productivity: a lot of processes in the lab are time consuming. Lab integration increase productivity. For example, automated robots can execute repetitive tasks, which have a high risk of human errors.
  • Reducing error: the risk of human error can be decreased with lab integration. For example, automated pipetting is very precise work and they ensure consistency. By integrating your lab with instruments that can take over these kind of tasks, human errors will be reduced. More reliable results will be produced.
  • Safety: safety protocols and other restrictions are very important in the laboratory. Lab integration, like automated software, can be used for a safer workplace. Software on lab applications can be programmed so that they can stop tests for instance.

Lab integration software

As you can understand: lab integration, like implementing automatic workflows, is becoming a need for every laboratory. For this integration you need software. 

Lab integration software are tools that can make a huge impact on a regular workday in a laboratory, it can reduce time and produce more reliable data. Lab Services has developed its very own unique software called PlateButler. 

Lab instrument integration software

Laboratories can be improved with software. 

PlateButler enables the integration of all kinds of automatable instruments. As a brand independent specialist in lab automation, Lab Services develops custom made robotic system, based on your needs and wishes. If necessary, we manufacture components ourselves. With our own developed PlateButler Software, we can integrate all kinds of equipment and robots.  

Lab Services can help your organization become more durable and efficient. We can improve your workflow. Are you curious about what we can do to help you with lab integration (software or other automated systems)? Please, feel free to fill out our contact form.
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