Laboratories require a variety of lab equipment to run tests and research. Lab Services can provide lab equipment and is happy to give advice on the purchase of the right device or equipment for your laboratory application. We go beyond supplying high-quality lab equipment; customer satisfaction is our top priority. Lab Services collaborates with flexible, reliable, and innovative partners, in order to guarantee top-quality lab equipment. In this article, we will explain what sorts of equipment we can provide. 

Lab equipment by Lab Services

We can provide different equipment for your laboratory, including liquid handling platforms, BeadBeaters and homogenizers, pipettes and tips, storage tubes and microtiter plates, hotels and incubators, , as well as seals. 

Liquid handling platforms

We have different liquid handling platforms, such as the CyBio SELMA, which is a precise and semi-automatic pipettor with 96 or 384 pipetting channels for easy and fast filling of microplates without a computer. Another liquid handling platform is the CyBio Well vario, a simultaneous and automated pipetting platform that accepts a series of different pipetting heads. The third platform is the CyBio FeliX, a very compact and flexible solution for processing whole microplates in different volume ranges with additional format possibilities. 

BeadBeaters, homogenizers and BeadBeater consumables

At Lab Services we offer different BeadBeaters and homogenizers, including the Disrupter with better than 95% efficiency, and the Mini-BeadBeater-16 which is designed to handle four to sixteen samples at a time. Furthermore, we provide BeadBeater consumables, such as Biospec Beads, Stainless Steel Microvials, and XXTuff Reinforced Microvials. 

Pipettes and tips

We have different pipettes and tips, so there is always something to meet your needs. We have ali-QTM 2 pipettes, VistaLab Ovation Bionatural pipettes, the Wobble-not, and the Ali-Q, with which you can repeat pipetting with serological pipettes.  

Storage tubes and microtiter plates

We have several storage tubes and microtiter plates for your research. At Lab Services you can get the SAFE 2D Barcoded Tubes, Push Caps for SAFE 2D Tubes, Heat Sealing Foil for the SAFE 2D Tubes, and the SAFE READ Single Express. 

Hotels and incubators
At Lab Services we also offer  different hotels and incubators: Cytomat 2 Automated Incubators, a Cytomat 10 Hotel, and a Cytomat Automated Wide-Range Incubator.
Do you need lab equipment for your laboratory or do you need advice about which equipment you should purchase? We would be more than happy to help you make your organization more sustainable and efficient. To get in touch, please fill out our contact form. 
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