Whether you work in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or chemical industry our laboratory software solutions will help you generate, analyze and reproduce scientific data more effectively. Processes in the lab can be automated by different lab applications. In this article, we will explain more about the different lab applications Lab Services has build and how it helps your laboratory become more sustainable. 

The meaning of lab applications

The degree of automation varies considerably among different laboratories. This ranges from the execution of individual processes using individual devices to full sample analysis in complex systems. The latter is especially necessary when large numbers of samples have to be analyzed according to a standardized protocol and when little flexibility is required, for example in large laboratories for medical diagnostics. 

Benefits of lab applications

Lab applications have several benefits. We will explain them below.
  • Increased productivity: many processes in the lab cost lots of time. By using, for example, lab automation robots, the throughput in the lab will increase. Automation robots can execute repetitive tasks while researchers can focus on different tasks, such as analyzing results. Different lab applications can complete tasks ranging from microplate handling to sample labeling.
  • Safer lab: you probably know that strict rules apply in a laboratory. Software on the lab applications can be programmed so that they even can stop a test.
  • Reducing errors: human errors are a big risk in any lab. Automated key tasks like pipetting precise quantities ensure consistency. Lab applications can take over such tasks and reduce the chance of errors.

Lab applications by Lab Services

Lab Services provide clients with lab applications and automated solutions that can speed up different processes in your research. We already built several applications with all kinds of advanced instruments. This for the crop science, pharmaceutical, CRO as well as the non-SBS market. We combine our scientific and specialist knowledge with robotics expertise. Our tailor-made applications ensure growth and flexibility opportunities for you as a client. Therefore, we have developed our own software, called PlateButler®. Read more about this software here

Are you curious about what Lab Services and our lab applications can do for your organization? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We are glad to help your lab become more durable and efficient with our different solutions.
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